Brutality on kids

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 Why Not Give Our Little Angels a Chance?

Brutality on kids

Can we stop the brutality (savage physical violence) on our little ones?

Take a look at the news and all we see is either people are killing each other, or they’re killing their babies. We normally used to worry about the nannies beating up our babies and drugging them during daycare hours. But nowadays, we gotta worry about ourselves or our loved ones harming our children? What do we get on the news now? Some ladies’ boyfriend punched the baby several times in the head and killed them.
Sometimes, mom get frustrated and harm their own ‘fruit of the womb’- what have we become? Animals? Anyways, I write this post today because I’m an advocate for children and I hate to our beautiful angels murdered unrealistically, just because an adult is frustrated with life.


Kid abuse Statistics

Take a look at the snippet preview on the statistics on child abuse from the National Children's Alliance below:


2014  Child Advocacy Center Statistics

Over 315,000 children served by Children’s Advocacy Centers around the country in 2014, some startling statistics include:

  • 116,940 children: ages 0 to 6 years
  • 115,959 children: ages 7 to 12 years
  • 81,025 children: ages 13 to 18 years
  • 205,438 children reported sexual abuse of some form
  • 60,897 children reported physical abuse of some form
  • 211,831 children participated in on-site forensic interviewing at a Children’s Advocacy Center

Retrieved from: National Children's Alliance



stop brutality on kids

STOP sign. Stop brutality on our kids

Are people turning into robots?

Please, can we become humans again? I remember talking to a friend of mine the other day whose flight got canceled and she was calling for find out if she could stay the night at my home. She mentioned something that struck me to the core. She said, and I quote: “The way in which the passengers at the airport were infuriated when told that their flight was canceled because of bad weather, they wanted to rip up the airline agent". She also said, “If these people were allowed to come in with guns at the airport, I don’t know what the story would have been by now”.


Impatience-NOT GOOD

I guess my question is: why have we all of a sudden become a very impatient generation? Children killing their own parents that birth and raised them for insurance money; parents losing their jobs and killing their whole family? Why is it becoming rampant? Could it be the fast-paced environment we’ve become accustomed to?


Can we stop for a moment, pause for a few seconds and realize how our society is training us to behave like robots?
Well, it pains to see a beautiful baby angel getting kicked and smashed and killed all because of a crying spell. Do we know what and who these kids might become in the future? Know ye not that each one of these is God’s gift to the world? Each one is very special, please, let us give them a chance to live, learn and grow and be a positive influence in our society.


stop brutality on kids

funny portrait of adorable little baby in glasses with old book (thinking expression)

Questions for my readers

What would possess someone to take a little child and bang her head several times on a pavement, or punch a 2 month-old with closed fists and expect that they’ll survive?
Why don’t we think for a second what would have become of us if our parents weren’t so generous with their love?
How can we as parents train ourselves if we care?


Who not to leave your babies with


A boyfriend/girlfriend that’s suffering from severe drug addiction of any kind and not fully recovered- their mind is unstable and be potentially dangerous to the children- they could snap any minute and hurt the baby.
Anyone male or female with a history of aggressiveness. They may be sober for a moment but their anger can be aroused by a baby’s crying spell.
Anyone you just met for a few months and you start hanging out with as ‘friends with or without benefits’. I have heard of women attacking fellow women and cutting up their wombs to steal their babies.


Do not leave your children with anyone who truly has no love for children or has no patience because they might be the ones hurting the children, but the children could be hurting themselves because they’ll be spending a majority of their day unsupervised by the un-enthusiastic guardian.



Please, parents, be wise. You know the pain you’ve already been through carrying that baby and birthing them and bonding with them for those few months or years. These little ones have their own hopes, their own dreams. Can we please give them a chance?
One last advice: Parents, be protective of your children in the right way. Don’t let them grow and get off hands, else, you’ll be raising a monster you are not able to handle. Let there be appropriate discipline at home.


My two cents on keeping our kids safe. Also check out our


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